Thursday, September 17, 2009

Its Back!!! YAY!!!

I can't believe its the Raya Holidays so fast... I thought time will fly reallyyyy slow bcause skul has been boring. But i guessed i thought wrong..ok, actually i wanted to tell you about my last day of skul b4 the Raya Hols. Today i went to skul i was late, but when i went to jaga my class which is 5sc2 i was so happy bcause today i had backup ( more prefects ) Bcause u see 5sc2 doesn't like to listen to me... anyway all the students are like this. So today during duty i felt a bit relieved, a good way to start my day.
After i went to class and i remembered that my teacher Miss Eifah had her lecturer in class today so we had to be on our best behaviour. Well, everything went fine and it was kinda fun too. Anyway i think i shud skip to the nice part. When the skul bell rang and we were all so happy bcause its the HOLS!!! Then went my friend Prathip came back to his seat i quickly steped on his shoe, this is bacuse my class usually celebrate Happy Friday means its time to DIRTY your friend's shoes!!! Wooo hooooo....... So since Friday is a holiday so we celebrated it today.. we had a little shoe fight in class b4 leaving.( Oh yeah it rained ) Then me and Cher went down to the canteen we met Tim and he stepped on me while i was looking at Cher, Joshua and Chuun Kiat having a little shoe fight.. That was unfair i wasn't looking.
Anyway i wanted to get back at him but then he said new shoe so i pitied him after he go all emo on me. So after that Cher and I were irritating Tim as usual. Don't think that all so innocent, he annoys us too. After that he stepped on me again and this time there was MUD..=( so i got pissed of but i still couldn't step on him.. sigh....
Then i met Prathip again i wanted to step on him but this time he kicked some water on me... this meant war!!! So we started kicking water and then he saw Tim just standing there and Prathip went and step on his shoe!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... he went after Prathip...=0
So u see the rain just make things more fun......Weeeeee...LOL.. Anyway, SELAMAT HARI RAYA and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Almost over

I really can't believe the holidays are gonna be over in 2 DAYS!!!!!! This hols past me really really fast although i didn't go out of the house except for classes. I turned down the offer to play with my frens because i wasn't allowed to go out of the house except for..u noe, classes...sigh.... I SO WANTED TO GO, it sounded really fun..=( The basketball challenge had to be postponed AGAIN.
I guess Tim and I can only challenge when i have volleyball practice.. Which i dunno when will be held because of h1n1...Anyway i kinda enjoyed my holidays at home, it was very relaxing and i got to play with computer even more and i got to finish my story book. Sigh.... i haven't finish my art project and the deadline was like 2-3 months ago but my teacher gave me and Cher a chance... I was suppose to past it up on Friday but Cher told teacher that she would past it up after the hols.. I feel guilty and dumb for not saying after the hols, i hope my teacher will forgive me..
Oh yeah, i found out that Tim had a blog, which was shocking for a person like him...( re****ed) LOL.... Cher, Kay, Wai, Ked and Adesai will noe what i am talking about and they so agree with me... hahahaha. I want to say HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to HARIHARAN ( ketua tandas) Sorry i didn't say it on that day Hari and i wanted to ask you what colour you like?
To everyone who is reading, enjoy the hols while you can before school starts.

Monday, August 24, 2009


The holidays had already started. I haven't actually really planned out what i was gonna do for 10 days. I really wish that h1n1 could just disappear and never come back without killing people in the process. Anyway back to the part about holidays, my friend invited to me to play badminton with them soon but i don't know whether i should and can go.
Oh yeah, i just remembered one of my friend, Tim asked me to rematch him in basketball because the last time we played HE won me 3-1. I really want to rematch him so i can prove to people that i can win him. ( i missed out the part that i am quite short among my friends) I think that Tim and i should make deal that who ever loses must do something embarrassing..=)
I don't know whether i should be going out since the h1n1 virus is spreading super fast and i can't believe that the government is not going to take futher steps to help. Since the last time i read newspaper which was maybe last week ( i know... its embarrassing) that the percentage of people getting h1n1 is 0.004 percent and the government is not taking serious action until it reaches o.o7. Can you imagine how many people may get it by then. ( i am not cursing, i am just saying if the condition continues like this. But i pray that it wouldn't)
Anyway i hope you guys are enjoying your holidays and take care. Oh yeah, i would like to take a survey on who would win in the basketball match so pls comment. Kk bye for now, happy holidays and happy puasa-ing. =)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cooking In School

The things my friends and i WERE SUPPOSE to make:-
  1. Mushroom soup- appetizers
  2. Spaghetti with bolognese sauce- main dish
  3. Pancakes with ice-cream- desert
  4. Mix fruit juice- drink
Our jobs:- ( if u are wondering why i didn't put in the mushroom soup, u have to read the post)
  1. Kay- Mix fruit juice- drink
  2. Cher- Pancakes with ice-cream- desert
  3. June ( me)- Spaghetti with bolognese sauce- main dish

In my previous post i said that i was gonna talk about the time when i was cooking in school, well i keep my word. On Friday before i went to school i smsed my friend Cher to go buy ice-cream because i forgot to put ice-cream in our list for things to bring. Cher told me that she couldn't go and buy so i said never mind we talk in school because i was already late for school. (Cher doesn't really mind if she goes to school late or not)
So after morning duty, ( i forgot to tell u that i was a prefect =) ) Cher was waiting for me and Kay at the canteen. We stopped half way to class and talked about how we were gonna get ice- cream for desert and we also didn't have mushroom soup. One of my other friend, Waikiki told us that we could ask her mom to bring ice-cream to school for us. ( Waikiki's group had help us with a lot of things like bringing mushroom and chicken meat for us.) So we decided to not use ice-cream at all and just make pancakes.
When reached to cooking class, everyone had already started but us, since we were late because we were discussing about what to do. Adesai and Ked ( Waikiki's group) helped us to bring up our cooking ingredients and i would like to thank them again for helping.
We stated getting the ingredients ready and cutting up the mushroom an all. Kay started cutting the apples for the fruit juice. Cher was getting ready the pancake batter and i was getting the utensils ready and putting some stuff into the fridge. Our school had no juicer so we had to use the blender to blend apples. In the end it couldn't slice the apples cause it was too big.. =='
Kay went to cut it up, while Cher was already half way through the batter. I started with the sauce and Cher helped me to boil the spaghetti.
When Kay went to try to blend apples again, it worked. So Kay went to cut up the orange and watermelon. When she went back to put them into the blender the apple turned brown..=( so we had to throw it away. There was 1-2 apples left so Kay put some salt to prevent it from turning brown. When she went to try it her face was so funny, it was to salty( she even tried to add more sugar). In the end she gave up and just make watermelon and orange juice. By that time i was done with the sauce. Cher was also done with the batter but when i went to see the batter it was too liquidy so i asked Cher to put more flour. When i went to help Cher again with the batter i saw that it was lumpy because she didn't sift the flour.. == Anyway Kay went to blend the watermelon juice and some of it spilled out..but Kay cleaned it and continued with the juice. I went to help Cher with the batter and i asked her to help me get ready to serve the spaghetti.
When the batter was better, Cher fried at least 8 pieces but there was more batter i just that we had no more time. ( oh yeah, i forgot to tell u that Waikiki had to waste her batter too because we needed the pan..) When everything was served, we started eating, and the food tasted real good. We even traded food with other groups. BUT our food had problem:-
  1. The spaghetti sauce i made was ok but the carrots in it were hard
  2. Cher and i since the beginning didn't like any fruit juice, so we didn't really drank the juice that Kay made. I am not saying that it wasn't nice, Adesai and Waikiki said the juice was great.
  3. Well Cher's pancakes were the best pancakes i ever tasted.. no comments on that.

We saved some of it for our friends from other classes to try after school.

After school we met with our friends and some of our friend's friend came and tried too. They said the food was great but they on by on said that the carrot in the spaghetti was hard... Cher burst out and said " Shish, we noe that the carrot is hard"

It was a great day. I am sorry that it is so long, its just that i didn't wanted to skip any good parts. PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS. See ya for now.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Being a Blogger

This is my 1st time blogging. I always thought that i would never in my life be a blogger, because i was really understand what was the use of blogging. I am still wondering though, is it so everyone will read about what you do and give u comments or just to let out your thoughts when you have no one to go to? I was actually quite scared if i were to open a blog it be useless cause i mostly have nothing much to say and it just bore people who read it. Anyway, I just thought today i may give blogging a try. Well don't really know what to talk about actually but i just wanted shout out something. (that something will be after this whole message)

I know i am not much of a writter because i don't really get good grades in my exams for essay writing and please don't mind any spelling errors. I don't feel like reading my message all over again and checking spelling errors, but i mean seriously who does? ( no offence to anyone)

Well today i was at home, you know doing the usual, using the computer and i am trying to gain back my passion for something. I hope i get it back. Nevermind, continuing with the rest of my blogging, I was suppoe to bake something today but got no ingredientd and i don't feel like going out to buy it. On Firday, it was fun because my class had to cook for the 1st time this year and last year for me. We had to get into groups of 3-4, i partnered up with Cher and Kay. We decided to cook mushroom soup, spaghetti, mix fruit juice and pancakes with ice-cream. ( I will make another post about this) Anyway, it was a fun day although it was the last day of school because we were gonna go for our 1 week holiday.

I just realized the is post and dashboard. I forgot to tell you that i don't know much about computers although the words are just basic words on the computer. So, i don't know what is the difference between posts and dashboards.... =D

I guess i am done for this post. Oh yeah about the shoutout i wanted to say was:-

When people actually say they have nothing to do,
actually they do have a lot of things to do. JUST THINK ABOUT IT.

Feel free to leave comments because i wanna what i am doing wrong.. hope people will follow me and posts.